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buying a boat checklist



Guiding boat buyers for 42 years, delivering expert surveying services with integrity and experience, helping clients save money, and ensuring informed, smart purchasing decisions.

what to know before buying a boat

Prepurchase Boat Survey

For buyers who have identified a boat they are considering purchasing.

what to know before buying a boat

Boat Buyers Consultation

If you have the "sailing itch," but are unsure of where to start, discover the best boat for your cruising goals by consulting with Neil and his 42 years of surveying experience. 

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Outfitting & Voyage Planning

Are you planning your first or next sea voyage? Get the guidance you need from an expert sailor and ensure smooth cruising on the water.


Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can be tricky to navigate. Whether you're an insurance agent or an insured boat owner, you don't have to do it alone. 


Give Thanks

Many prospective clients call before scheduling a survey and speak with Neil about the vessels they are considering. These conversations provide invaluable insights and have saved clients money in the long run even without booking a survey. If you recently had an insightful call with Neil and want to leave a discretionary tip, use the form at the link below to tip the captain for his time!

Leave us a review! We love hearing about how we've helped our clients.


Our Philosophy


"In a world that advocates instant gratification,

we counsel patience."

Our goal to all our clients is to verbally paint an accurate portrait of all the vessels we inspect. We begin and end with honesty. We honestly want all our clients to know as accurately as possible with limited time constraints what they are buying.

We don’t do “drive by” surveys to expedite business for anyone. If we discern the vessel we are to inspect has gross deficiencies or is over the hill, we will offer our clients the opportunity to terminate our services at a rate reduction. As the number of older boats increases, this happens on a more frequent basis.

What we bring to the table is experience: 

  • Building vessels and cruising over 35 years.

  • Working claims for underwriters and viewing broken boats for over 43 years.

  • The humility of making repairs in foreign ports under less than good circumstances. 

  • Working in Asia for builders and commissioning vessels for sale.

  • Running a full service boatyard, and last but not least making lots of mistakes so you don't have to. 

We have been well offshore in a rude sea when all failed but prayer. We fully understand the desire of many for adventure and distant ports. We also understand the singular responsibility of anyone who ventures out upon the deep and proclaims him or herself to be captain of their ship.

We will tell you what we see through the eyes of experience. Our goal is to be of service to our clients and not just accumulate the fleeting dollar. We understand our limitations, but we do strive to give all our best. We are here to serve."

- Neil K. Haynes, Founder of Blue Water Surveys, Marine Surveyor,

Accredited & Certified NAMS/CMS; SAMS/AMS; IAMI.CMI-I

buying a boat


what to know when buying a boat

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Blue Water Surveys

Blue Water Surveys 

Neil & Ginny Haynes

3575 Maybank Hwy. D-169

Johns Island, SC 29455

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