Worker’s Sacrifice

Have you ever considered how all the people you hire to do things you can’t do have to sacrifice
some parts of their lives.

My favorite car mechanic has bad knees and hips from all the strange positions he has been
subjected to in his long career. Our good friend who has done our concrete work out at our little
section of Johns Island has similar problems, but he powers on through the pain and never ceases
to give me encouragement. Those police officers and firefighters who put themselves in harms
way every day to protect and assist us. Our school teachers who dedicate their lives to hopefully
teach our children about our wonderful country. It’s true history and faults, and the discipline to
form a successful and contributory life.

We could stop a few minutes and conjure up lots of people who sacrifice each day for us,
especially our armed forces who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.

Neil K. Haynes August 28, 2017

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