Get The Lead Out

With all the left wing anti second amendment green forces trying to find creative ways to disarm
the law abiding citizens of this country, some of you boaters may be millionaires and not even
know it.

Our government was successful in getting lead out of paint, a good thing for us all, and a great
public safety achievement. Now the EPA is being pressured by the (CBD) Center for Biological
Diversity, an anti-hunting organization, to keep the lead from exiting your legally owned gun
barrels. Our elitist green government knows what is best for us run of the mill stupid citizens. If
they had their way, they would confiscate all our lead car batteries. That way we could totally
reduce highway fatalities.

We would be forced to ride bicycles which would increase our national health standards, wean us
from oil, and completely stop global warming, melting ice burgs or rising seas. We would be so
fit, we wouldn’t need a lead lined government heath care bill that will certainly drag us all down.
The fishermen could use rocks for weights instead of lead. You scuba divers could attach old car
parts to your weight belts, instead of that dreaded lead. Doctors would no longer have to order
X-rays and us old guys wouldn’t have to don lead aprons to protect our precious reproductive
organs. Just think of all those heavy leaden things we would be free of.

Let’s get back to the boaters. Lots of auxiliary sailing vessels I inspect may have a hidden fortune
hanging below the keel stub. Just think. These government intelligentsia put a ban on lead and
makes it illegal to own the stuff. Sort of like getting off a gold standard which only weighted the
population down as we needed a much lighter currency. So you boaters just drop your keels and
sell that illegal lead on the black market and make a fortune. While you are dropping your lead,
you could file a fraudulent insurance claim for your vessel capsizing and sinking.
Our government has been super successful in witnessing to us how to steal our money and
reward bad behavior with their dumb programs that cost more and only sink us into the mire of
higher costs and more taxes. We should all just quit bickering and get the lead out. It has
weighed us down too long.
I for one will be glad when those lead poisoned brained politicians sink out of sight under the
lead weight of their own stupidity.

Neil K. Haynes October 6, 2010

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