Bow Ties and Wire Ties

In the old south, you see a small amount of bow ties on sporty older gentlemen. I think they look
like the classic turn of the century gentry.

On the other hand, it horrifies me to see wire ties down south in the bilge. Gravity is a wonderful
thing. It holds us all down where we below. It also moves things into areas where they don’t

All builders utilize these wonderful security devices for multiple applications. To secure wire
bundles every 18″ as per ABYC recommendations. To secure hoses off sharp surfaces to prevent
chafe and failure. Their uses are limitless in marine applications.

Where the problem arises is when an installer for the sake of cosmetic considerations cut the tails
off and don’t police them up after the job is completed. These little tails love to make their way
to the centerline bilge areas where your bilge pump resides. They creep through the strainer
basket pickets and into the pump rotor and “Wallah” you now have no bilge pump.

In thirty-six years at this trade I have written up many losses due to errant wire tie tails. Nuts,
screws, pieces of build material and even hooks and pop tops can join the evil forces of bilge

So, do yourself a favor and be a good little boy or girl and flush and clean your bilges annually.
You would not neglect to flush the toilet in your hose to get the out, so flush and clean
your bilges to keep your static water line where it belongs.

Happy sailing and remember the Lord loves sailors.
Neil K. Haynes June 22, 2017

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